Products for Human and Veterinary use

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Who We Are

C.F.I. Compagnia Farmaceutica Italiana was founded in 2010 in Legnago (VR). It is specialized in business sales, marketing and distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical products for both human and veterinary use.

Thanks to an international network of suppliers, who are specialized in productive activities, we can offer a wide range of products for the pharmaceutical and medical market both in Italy and in Europe.

C.F.I. Societá Farmaceutica Italiana S.r.l. promotes a wide range of innovative medical products, both proprietary and under license, which can belong to different therapeutic areas. C.F.I. is the ideal partner referring to the acquisition of new licenses for both the Italian and European market.

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Certifications ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016

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C.F.I. Societá Farmaceutica Italiana S.r.l. wishes to improve health and wellness at every stage of life, providing resources and scientific knowledge, and establishing quality and safety standards too

Coverage at national level 100
Supplies to clinics and hospitals of the National Health Service 100
Export Activities 100